NEWS: The third volume in the BACOLOD series has its name:

"Doctor Ayala takes a reassuring grip on Daniel's forearm. He has long since figured through it and also the problem the Mendozas have with each other.
"Daniel, do you know what a loyal, wonderful woman you have? It takes a good deal of courage to expose yourself to ridicule, no matter how convinced you are. I don't know this prisoner and I can't say whether she is guilty. But Vian has doubts and the right to find out the truth about this woman because her conscience tells her so. I respect her motivations and her enthusiasm. "

highly emotional - stirring - soulful

Bacolod - The prisoned woman with the gray streak
(The protagonists names are fictitious)

Protagonists during their Actions

From the dramatic Lovestory:: SIGNAL 4 - die Augen eines Fischerm√§dchens 
(Picture: H-Radmann-Paintings)

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About me

Hans Radmann, married to a lovely Filipina since 1995, has studied Culture and Arts from the Region, his Wife is coming from. He speaks Tagalog and loves that Country from his Heart. Those Aspects he will not describe by Textbooks or such, but through Novels with imaginary Characters. The Dialogs are created, that the Reader will surely Image the Scenes like in a Film, full of Dramatization and fine Descriptions. The Exotic of the Philippines and their People are consequently described.

About the Books

The Background shows a place, in where "Bacolod - Lost before Midnight" will describe some sceneries.
I was there with my Wife, enjoying our 25- Years Wedding Anniversary. In Guimaras Island.

About her

It is a strength and an indescribable gift from God's hand. Our shared experiences on two continents inevitably gather material for ideas. Growing up on a farm, she loves flowers and nature, just as I want to savor creativity. A loyal marriage relationship is a central feature of my novels, the main characters always stand
in this relationship, experiencing the tragedies or happy moments in the context of the actions.
Through my wife I was able to gain deep insights into a culture, which opened up enormous perspectives for me in global understanding.

Hans Radmann -  Novels about the Philippines 
Author in Selfpublishing

Main Points for my Books

** The Place of my Stories are the Philippines, a young Genre in Germanys Novel-Writing.

** High emotional Dialogs with a lot of dramatic Elements, what we are calling "Head-Cinema".

** Kodex and Honor are main Chraracteristics from the Protagonists.

** Love is described fine, smooth and clean without any vulgar expressions.

** Readers will learn about an exotic, lovable Culture.

** In all Stories a Foreigner is one of the Main Characters with a little Portion of Humour.