My second Home: The Island-Nation

Because of my marriage in 1995 I have a deep connection to this country, its family structures and behavior. As the first-born, my wife is responsible for the family in the sense of tradition, and I entered this role through the death of my father in law. This subject is touched on in my novels.

Tagalog is the main language in the Philippines. As a Bible teacher (, my wife and I speak this language together today. But there are about 90 other dialects in the country of over 7600 islands, e.g. Hiligaynon, the language my wife speaks as her mother tongue.

In January / February 2020 my wife and I built the ARTS HOUSE in Aglanot, province in Capiz

In 2017 I met the well-known artist Momo Dalisay in Lawigan, Antique, who lives and works with like-minded people in a small community on the beach. We discussed different thoughts about Filipino culture and the possibility of depicting it in art.

The interplay between coasts, mountain regions and cities in their diversity, together with so many lovable encounters among people, I was able to experience through 15 travels to the Philippines.

My novels contain no everyday stories, at to which the Philippines were simply imposed as the place of the actions. The ways of thinking, cultural peculiarities, the passions of very emotional people, their kind of arguments under the rules of society, their expressions of love, interactions and the problems surrounding them in a country shaped by former colonization and intervention characterize all of my works. The false or one-sided views I have known about this country in many cases have moved me to become aware of the positive and deep aspects in the lives of these people without glorifying or trivializing controversial issues. In my books there are no ratings or political statements.