"Your Eyes are like a Fine-Art..."

Signal 4 Die Augen eines Fischermädchens

Signal 4 - The Eyes of a Fishergirl

(Sorry - Not yet available in English)

The young Woman on that Book Cover is wearing a KIMONA over her Dress. That nice Clothes Add Ones, made of shiny Organza or Silk, need always some white Shirt or an Under-Dress, also like such Barong for Men.

In the Story Valerie is wearing the FILIPINIANA Dress seen above. It is made in the Style of the 19th Century in a modern Interpretation from a Star Designer. The Price is extremly high for a Fishergirl. That Dress is so outstanding and fascinate Anthony, while her Neighbors are wondering about the Sense wearing such a Dress. Valerie has very strong emotional Feelings toward her Filipiniana, which is explained in that Story.

Valerie is wearing a MARIA CLARA Dress in accordance to the Tradition of the 1900ths, where Women of the Filipino High Society were using that Kind of Chlothes in the Time of the American-Spanish-War. The Movie GOYO - ANG BATANG HENERAL shows that Scenery of the Time, where Filipinos were fighting against the new Occupences of the Country. In that time, the honor of a Filipino woman was something viewed as precious.