The appearance of the protagonists arises from the character traits they embody. For me as a draftsman this is interesting, and as a reader of books anyway.
In my head, scenes in dialogues arise first, in which the protagonists are supposed to be. This also reflects their appearance, including their gestures, speech images and movements.

DANIEL from "Bacolod - The Search of the Daughter got lost"

Ironically, this shy, conservative guy arouses Vian' s love. Doesn't she really long for such a character? When they discover their love, he shows passion and qualities that Vian could never have imagined before.

FELIZITAS - The female Main Character

Firstborn from a family dynasty of tribal leaders who understand their role very well. She combines her passion and energy in her marriage with tough loyalty and a code of justice that many would wish. She masterfully combines her tradition with modernity, even if her new hairstyle initially upsets her husband

LEIF - the male Main Character

The somewhat cheeky character, who loves the Filipinos and their islands, stands side by side with Felizitas and can look forward to sometimes dangerous "adventures". He loves art and paintings of women, but his heart belongs ONLY to one woman. He cemented his reputation among the locals in such a way that he not only became a member of the venerable artist circle, but also someone with whom confidential matters were in good hands.

If you look to her, it is not surprising that it is the most sought-after model in front of the painters-stafelage in town. For the artists she is the child and the project. Her record hair length measures 134cm and her "Filipiniana" dress from the hands of an old star designer underlines her grace.  


After she lost her parents in her teenage years, she got sucked into the system of HIYA (shame) and UTANG (reparation as guilt for what was given). Her model sitting as the "reward" for the security.

When Leif, in search of his missing wife, clashes with her terribly and realizes what he could almost have destroyed, he not only has to cope with vengeance and intrigue, but in the end, with the help of others, seize the path of forgiveness. In doing so, he realizes how lonely and help-seeking Vian really is ...  and how she longs to find someone who really gives her real guidance.