The 3rd volume of the BACOLOD Series in the writing process: 

The cover development in the course

It was clear that one of the scenes in front of "Maditas" prison cell should be the main theme. the BACOLOD font had to remain because of the trilogy feature.

Fonts were searched. The gray and white figures were discarded because they seemed too "ghost" -like.

An old lock from an air raid shelter in our apartment building was embedded. "Vian's" profile has been fine-tuned. "Madita" also got a detailed cosmetic.

I took a break from this cover, re-evaluated it with the help of a graphic artist. The previous draft suddenly appeared like a poster for a 1970s crime thriller, which did not reflect the outcome of the story.

Now it was done. This is how this cover will appear. The blue-gray of the previous design was annoying. It had to be more contrasting concrete gray. (Cell ambience)

The project:

Has its name: 

Bacolod - The prisoned woman with the gray streak

I keep you updated on the progress of this novel.


Birhen sa Aglanot (The Virgin from Aglanot)

Hans Radmann: acrylic on cardboard